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Legal CPD Seminars and Webinars for Solicitors, Barristers and other Legal Professionals

Witness Familiarisation

The witness box can be a stressful and challenging place for a witness.

This training, conducted by our sister company La Touche Training, assists and supports witnesses who have to give evidence in any legal forum including civil and criminal courts, tribunals and inquiries.

The training ensures confidence by providing a better understanding of courtroom procedure and protocol. Experiential training and role-play exercises ensures effective courtroom communication.

Training applies stringent procedures ensuring strict compliance with the rule against coaching.

Trainers do not know about the facts of the real case in which the witness is involved.

For more information on Witness Familiarisation, please contact La Touche Training on 01 8788 255 or info@latouchetraining.ie

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Witness Familiarisation