There have been far-reaching developments in personal injuries actions in recent times.
These range from the limits of PIAB Authorisations to trends in case law in relation to false and exaggerated claims.
A further concern for practitioners is how to avoid professional negligence as well as costs

The aim of this Personal Injuries webinar is to provide you with an insight into these issues.
Chaired by The Hon. Mr. Justice Anthony Barr, this webinar features the following topics and speakers:

How the Courts have dealt with False & Exaggerated Claims
David Nolan, Senior Counsel

Costs Issues in Personal Injuries Actions
Séamus Sadlier, Managing Partner at McCann Sadlier

The Limits of PIAB Authorisations
Edward Walsh, Senior Counsel

Avoiding Professional Negligence: Tips and Traps
Liam Guidera, Partner in the Dispute Resolution team of Mason Hayes and Curran