There are a myriad of taxation issues to consider when advising clients on their options in passing on the family business.
This conference will remind practitioners of the basic legal principles in relation to this matter. It will then provide them with a comprehensive overview of the taxation issues which require consideration.
The conference will alert practitioners to the various problems and pitfalls likely to be encountered. The overall emphasis with be on practicality and the key principles of taxation will be considered by reference to a central case study.
Matters to be considered at this Central Law Training seminar include the following:

Overview of the Options available to the Businessperson 

  • Planning for Retirement
  • Transfer to a Family Member
  • Transfer to a Colleague: (MBO)
  • Sale on Open Market
  • Liquidation
The Legal Issues Arising:
  • Shareholder’s Agreement
  • Co- Owners Agreement
  • Share Sale/Business sale or Transfer documents
  • Keyman Insurance
  • Wills
Case Study and Analysis of the Key tax reliefs:
  • CGT Retirement Relief
  • CGT Entrepreneur’s Relief
  • CAT Business Relief
Further tax issues in relation to the following:
  • Termination Payments on Exiting from the business
  • Stamp Duty if Assets need to be transferred
  • Re-organisation if assets need to be streamlined pre-transfer
  • Recent Development of bona fide and Commercial Motive Test in Tax litigation
Tax Treatment of Buy Back of Shares by reference to case study:
  • Anti- Avoidance Legislation
Re-organisation for Sale: What is involved?
  • Tax Treatment on Reconstructions
  • Liquidation: The Tax Treatment and Commercial Impact of a Liquidation
Tax Planning Considerations:
  • Retirement Planning Starting at age 55
  • Passing on the value without Passing on control to family members
  • Earn outs