Save the date! Family Law 2019, Chaired by The Hon. Ms. Justice Marie Baker, Court of Appeal.

There have been significant developments in family law in recent times.
These range from the impact of Brexit to the Domestic Violence Act 2018 (which came into force on
January 1st 2019).

A further concern to practitioners are issues in relation to the non-marital family as well as forensic accounting in matrimonial litigation.

The object of this seminar is to highlight such developments and to alert practitioners to the problems and pitfalls likely to be encountered in day to day practice.
Conference line up:
  • The Domestic Violence Act, 2018  (which came into force on January 1st 2019): Yvonne Barrett B.L.
  • The Fate of Family Law Post Brexit: Jennifer O'Brien, International Family Law Chambers
  • The Non- Marital Family: Mary Hayes, Gore and Grimes
  • The Role of the Forensic Accountant in Matrimonial Litigation: Dervilla Whelan. DLS Partners, Accountants