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The New Requisitions on Title: A Practical Guide to the Key Changes

4 general CPD hours by group study

Thursday 7 April 2016, 2pm – 6pm

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin 8, €150.00

The changes introduced by the new Requisitions on Title have significant implications for conveyancing practitioners.

This seminar will provide you with a practical step by step guide to the key changes introduced. Expert speakers will guide you through the requisitions dealing with Planning, Taxation, Land Registry, NAMA and the Multi- Unit Development Act 2011 . It will also cover other relevant matters such as roads and services, personal insolvency, Land Act 2005, Civil Partnership Act 2010 and requirements in relation to safety files.

Attendance at this seminar is imperative for conveyancing practitioners.

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Planning -

Patrick Sweetman, Solicitor

  • “Withering permissions“: applicable levy
  • The expanded range of designated areas under the Planning Acts
  • What further information is sought in the Requisitions in relation to unauthorised developments?
  • “Substitute consents” in relation to unauthorised developments
  • Does the Requisition in relation to “particulars of any application for permission” include particulars of any retention permission?
  • Agreements pursuant to section 47 of the Planning Act 2000
  • Statements of compensation
  • The Building Control Acts 1990 to 2014

Taxation -

Finola O'Hanlon, Solicitor and Chartered Tax Adviser

  • Is a certificate of discharge from capital acquisitions tax required by the Land Registry in applications for adverse possession?
  • Capital Gains Tax: new threshold
  • New Revenue Guide on Local Property Tax : “allowable margins”
  • Stamp duty : Current requirements for stamping a deed
  • Probate Tax: Is a certificate of discharge required where the registered owner died leaving a life interest to the surviving spouse with the remainder interest to a third party?
  • NPPR charges
  • Household charges and water charges

Land Registry -

Barry Lysaght, Solicitor

  • Registration of easements acquired by prescription: by consent, by application to the PRA and by court order. What extended time limit has been introduced for the registration of such easements?
  • Easements created prior to first registration: Are they capable of registration on the newly opened folio? Their status as section 72 burdens?
  • Good leasehold V absolute leasehold title: The implications
  • What are the implications for searches if the dealing is not lodged within one month of completion of the transaction?
  • Implications where transfers are executed by both Receiver AND Chargee in exercise of power of sale
  • Common queries arising on first registration

Multi-Unit Development Act 2011 -

Suzanne Bainton, Solicitor

  • Conditions and obligations relating to the compulsory transfer of the common areas from the developer to the Owners Management Company (OMC)
  • Is the beneficial interest retained by the developer?
  • Should you consider entering a caution in the Land Registry if the beneficial interest is being retained?
  • What mechanism is provided for the transfer of the beneficial interest to the OMC?
  • Does the Circuit Court have jurisdiction in default of the developer completing the appropriate statutory declaration?
  • Can owners request the transfer of the beneficial interest where the development stage has not ended?
  • Are transfers compulsorily registrable?
  • The developer/ OMC Agreement: Must the OMC have separate legal representation in the negotiation of this agreement and the transfer of the common areas? Is the developer responsible for the legal costs?
  • The solicitor's obligation to carefully consider replies given regarding claims against the funds of the OMC or any proposal to incur expenditure that would affect the service level.

These times include 2 X 15 minute networking coffee break (refreshments and light snacks are provided) and a 1 hour break for lunch (lunch is not provided by Central Law Training).

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